Explanation of Donation Procedure

If you are planning to donate over the internet, please take the time to read the explanation and warnings below

Payment method

You can make payment in the following way. Please be sure to check the information and notices regarding each payment method.

  1. Payment by credit card payment

Please note

  1. Amount of donation
    1,000 yen or more, please be in yen units.
  2. Regarding the confirmation email
    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you input as part of your application.
    For credit card payments, this e-mail address will complete the acceptance and payment procedure.
  3. Regarding the issuing of your receipt
    Receipts will be sent after each card company / storage agent has paid the money to SAKURADA WORLD CHALLENGE SUPPORT.
    For this reason, please note that it takes approximately one to two months from receipt of your application before the receipt is issued.
    In addition, the date of receipt is not the date of application and transfer from the card payment account, but the date of payment to SAKURADA WORLD CHALLENGE SUPPORT.
    If the application by credit card was made after December 16, your receipt may be issued with a date in the following year, which means that the donation amount will be carried forward to the following tax year for deduction under the Japanese tax system.

Regarding our use of your personal information

  1. Your personal information provided will be utilized only for work pertaining to the donation.
    In addition, please note that to perform the work related to your donation, some or all of your personal information may have to be shared with the related businesses.
  2. This site uses a "SSL server certificate" to protect your information.
    Your application information is sent using a 128bit SSL encryption.

Regarding the recommended browser, CSS and JavaScript

To browse this site, we recommend that you use Windows Internet Explorer ver. 8 or newer or MAC Safari ver. 4.0 or newer.
If your browser does not satisfy this standard or the settings are incorrect, it may result in the site not being displayed correctly or not working correctly.
Also, our site uses CSS (style sheet) and JavaScript. If you have disabled CSS and JavaScript in your browser, the site might not be displayed correctly or may not work correctly. Please enable JavaScript and CSS in your browser settings to ensure the full functionality of our website.


If you have any questions, please contact the following.


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