Explanation of Donation Procedure

If you are planning to donate over the internet, please take the time to read the explanation and warnings below

Methods of donation

Credit card is the only payment method available. Please be sure to read and acknowledge the details below:

  1. Credid Card Payment


  1. We require the donation to be ¥1000 yen or more
  2. Regarding the confirmation email
    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you input as part of your application
  3. Issuing Receipts
    The receipt will be issued after Japan Monkey Centre has received the money from the credit card company.

    Receipt issue date will be the date of payment receipt by Japan Monkey Centre.
    Please note that it may take between 1-2 months before issuance of the receipt. If your payment is submitted after December 15th, your receipt may be issued with a receipt date for the following year.

Privacy Policy

  1. Any personal information collected from you is used only for our fundraising operations.
    In addition, please note that to perform the work related to your donation, some or all of your personal information may have to be shared with the related businesses.
    Japan Monkey Centre is required to use to your personal information as specified in its the contract of confidentiality and it will not be used in any way beyond those reaches.Also, we take full responsibility for the correct management of your personal information.
  2. This website protects personal information by using a SSL server.
    The information you submit is encrypted by SSL (128bit).

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Contact Information

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