Donation application input screen

  1. Step 1 Input donation information
  2. Step 2 Confirm information
  3. Step 3 Donation completed

Donation Information

Specific Projects
Donation type and amount

Select one of the donation methods below and select the donation amount from the pull-down menu.

  • JPY
  • JPY
  Automatic settlement date: at the end of each month (except December 15)
  • JPY
  Automatic settlement date: June 30, December 15 each year
  • JPY
  Automatic settlement date: The last day of the same month one year later (But in December, December 15)

Donor Information

Representative title    
Representative Name    
Department(Contact person)    
Contact person    
City, ZIP/Postal Code, Country
Telephone number
Email address
Email address (confirmation)
Relationship with GRIPS

Please uncheck the box below if you do not wish your name, affiliation, or title to appear in GRIPS pamphlets or on the GRIPS website, or do not wish require any such publication to be sent to you.

Reason for donation
Please feel free to write a reason for donation.
Please feel free to write a comment.

Payment details

  • Credit card payment
  • Bank Transfer

Payment can be made with any credit card displaying one of the following marks

visa master mufg dc ufj nicos jcb amex diners

● Cardholder's name

● Credit card number

● Expiry date (MM/YY)


● CVV number

In order to prevent unauthorized use of your credit card, please input your CVV number as circled in the example below.

security_1 security_2 security_3

Explanation of the settlement methodExplanation of the settlement method

Issuance of receipt

A receipt will be issued when GRIPS receives the funds from the credit card company.
Please be aware that, because of this process, the issuance of a notice of acknowledgment and a receipt may take one to three months. Furthermore, the date on the receipt shall be the date on which the donation application was submitted.

Please arrange a bank transfer using the bank details shown below.

  Bank : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

  Branch              : Tokyo Koumubu, Japan
  Account number : 0175522
  Swift Code         : SMBCJPJT
  Account name    : GRIPS Fund

This information will be included in a confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you after your donation application has been submitted.
The e-mail will also contain your 8-digit reference number.
Please input your 8-digit reference number in the remarks column when you arrange a bank transfer.

Once you have entered the required information and read the application notes,
please click the "Confirm input" button.